Organic policy

Although organic food production began as an alternative farming method outside the mainstream, it eventually became divided between two distinct paths: (1) small-scale farms that may not be formally certified organic and thus depend on informed consumers who seek out local, fresh, organically grown foods; and (2) large-scale certified organic food (fresh and processed) that […]

Why Organic Traffic Is As Important As Paid Traffic In E-Commerce

Why go after organic traffic when you can get traffic to your website through advertising and by using other digital marketing methods? Here are six reasons why organic traffic is important for e-commerce stores. Increases Sales The vast majority of people who make purchases online (89 percent) use search engines to help them make a purchase […]

What does organic mean?

When talking about SEO and marketing, organic refers to results from search engines that show due to the relevance of the query, and not because of paid adverts or other non-organic processes. Organic SEO includes the writing of keyword rich articles and content as well as the linking of articles to relevant content and to other pages of […]